REPRESENTED by WILDFOXRUNNING #+49.69.977.688.50 STEFFEN HOFEMANN #+49.163.401.3070 ABOUT Steffen Hofemann's work is always a homage to female beauty. Focussing on a passionate approach towards emotion and sensuality, showing his models in all kinds of authentic, dynamic, lively situations with his feeling for the perfect moment. His intense ability to build up a connection to the model gives his pictures the natural expression that is so unique to his style. His pictures are both indoor and outdoor, warm and fresh, sexy and energetic. Steffen is known for his ability to capture personality, to show emotions, even in the fields of fashion and beauty photography and film. He has been working as a freelance photographer for more than 20 years, shooting for national and international clients in fashion, beauty and advertising. He is a professional member of BFF. Steffen loves to go horseback-riding with his 2 daughters.